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Viv Wyatt

Director - Business Owner - Sales Manager - Photographer

20 Queen St Warkworth 0910
  • Mar 2012 - 21 Club 21 Club
  • Length of Service - 30 Years

About Viv Wyatt

Viv Wyatt is a Warkworth area man whose ancestors have farmed and milled in Leigh since 1863. He was born in the Warkworth Hospital, as was his father and Viv's own family of three.

Viv had a successful 15 year career in the photography industry in Wellington, where he met and married his wife Diana. They have sailed a yacht around the Pacific, travelled through North Africa and Europe for 18 months, owned and run the "Top Shop" store in Leigh [now the Leigh Cafe] and still found time to raise their family, retain their interest in coaching and playing sport and being involved in the local community.

Since taking up real estate in the early 1990's, Viv quickly established himself as a natural, building relationships and achieving success.

Viv is a Licensed Salesperson and is the Business Owner.